Live Streaming

Live streaming is a unique opportunity for you to pick out a couple of math or physics topics and send them in to us. A day before each live stream, we will choose a couple of topics or questions to cover for the 30 minute to 1 hour session. If you have any questions, we will answer them live if you type them in the chat box for us to see.

We accept donations through the live streaming platforms, or you can donate to us below for our efforts. Please do not spam email us topics, spamming us will decrease your chance of ever getting your topic onto our live stream.

YouTube Streaming
Every Tuesday at 5 o’clock pm EST.

Twitch Streaming
Every Thursday at 5 o’clock pm EST

If you would like to support further live streaming content please consider donating through YouTube or Twitch platforms, or right down below through our PayPal.


Please keep our live streaming ad-free by donating. We also provide a PayPal link below this so you can choose your donation amount. Thank you for keeping Williams Technique ad-free.


Send us a message here regarding some topics you want covered on the live stream!