Study Pamphlets/Videos

Here we offer some free sample study pamphlets and videos so you can gauge what to expect when we deliver our service to you.

First Sample

Adam Green, 4th grade, logical and visual learner. Likes planes and video games, particularly jet planes and Halo. There is space for him to draw and write out steps for solving a problem. Questions are asked that allows him to think about the problem logically and spatially, and there is space for him to also ask questions and come up with new techniques to solve problems. The whole pamphlet creates coherence between his interests, the math he was struggling with, and his natural thought patterns.

Overview of Adam’s Pamphlet. You can also download it to see it in more detail.

Second Sample

Kelly Chao, Calculus AB, linguistic and hands-on learner. She enjoys taking organized notes in class, boba tea, and tennis. This pamphlet uses mostly words to describe each math process in a couple different ways so the learner is able to visualize and linguistically understand the content. There are also hands-on opportunities in the pamphlet to solidify the reading material.

The pamphlet is written in a way that is easy to understand and gives examples relating to tennis and boba tea that ties her experiences together with math and a little bit of physics. It is also organized in a way that is pleasing to the eye and functionally speaking it can be printed out for highlighting, taking notes on the side and has enough space to solve problems on the pamphlet.

A few pages from Kelly’s Calculus AB topics she asked for.

Video Sample